Delivered to your door ready to ride...


Introducing the Yelvington Elite r2r Performance Cruiser. The new Elite r2r is a ready to ride complete performance trike built in the Yelvington factory.  From its inverted front forks to its high power 90 degree v-twin to the Yelvington 3.0 assembly you have the ultimate trike at your fingertips.

The Yelvington Elite r2r is the most powerful 650cc trike on the market.  With its precise light weight handling, high torque power to both rear drive wheels, and a racing single caliper dual piston rear brake for maximum stopping power you will conquer every road with comfort, safety, and style.

Put yourself in the command position on a Yelvington Elite r2r and take the most exhilarating ride of your life.

Only from Today’s Yelvington Trikes.